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Products and Services

RE-LITHIUM supports manufacturers, importers and distributors of consumer electronics and electric vehicles with recycling of spent Li-ion batteries. 
Li-ion Battery Collection

Li-ion battery collection across European Union. RE-LITHIUM arranges battery pick up and helps fulfil importer recycling obligations. Smaller consumer electronics are accepted as assembled products, whereas larger automotive, marine and aviation battery systems may be taken as components.

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Grid Balancing Storage

All functional battery cells and modules are reused as stationary industrial size battery storage applications. The reused storage units are later employed for 1 Megawatt utility grid balancing systems or wind/solar electricity power storage.

Li-ion Battery Testing

All batteries are tested at the in-house Research and Development facility. Various battery systems are dismantled down to individual cells and tested for electrical properties of capacity, voltage and resistance. Throughout this process the best recycling use-case is determined ensuring zero percent waste.

Raw Material Recovery

Recycling of spend Li-ion batteries into black powder consisting of cathode and anode battery materials, such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite, copper and aluminum. The recycled black powder is reused in the production of new Li-ion batteries to ensure sustainable production of new batteries.

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